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Anita Frost

Anita Frost

Salon Owner

Anita is the business owner and has been hairdressing for 35 years and is still as passionate about hair today as she was 35 years ago.

She loves precision cutting, restyling and all things colour.

Ruby Seminara

Ruby Seminara

Senior Stylist/ Salon Manger

Ruby is a huge integral part of Aqua and the salon would not be the same without her.  She is full of life and bubbles and is never happier than when she is giving 100% to her clients and their hair.

Ruby loves colouring and is especially talented at clean bright blondes.

Ella Lyons

Ella Lyons

Salon Apprentice

Ella is our amazing salon apprentice and is steaming ahead with her training. She is already confident cutting mens and kids hair and is dabbling with a bit of balayage. Ella is a little party animal quietly but also loves a quiet Sunday afternoon riding her horse.

Ella Lyons

Ella Lyons

Saturday Helper

Taylor Breeze is our beautiful Saturday helper.  She comes in at the end of our huge weeks and puts everything back in its proper place, cleans everything back up and generally organises us for the coming week.  We wouldn’t be able to manage without her.