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Aqua Hair & Beauty salon has been established since 2011 by Anita in the beautiful seaside town of Pottsville in Northern NSW.  Anita was born in the United Kingdom where she started her career as an apprentice hairdresser at just 16 years old after replying to a job vacancy in what is arguably the best salon in the area.

Anita loved hairdressing from the start attending many training course all over the UK with top names, Andrew Collinge, Andrew Barton, Jingles, Clynol, and many others.  Anita quickly became known as a superb cutter and blonding expert.

In 2006 Anita and her family made the huge decision to emigrate to Australia to start a new and exciting life where she decided opening her own salon was a top priority.


A friendly, professional hair & beauty service utilising the highest quality vegan products, low ammonia colour and latest techniques.  With the security and knowledge of us having a fully insured salon and sound knowledge of the hair & beauty needs of our clients.


Aqua Hair & Beauty Pottsville has implemented a comprehensive and industry-leading plan to make sure your visit to our salons is a safe one.  Our priority is safety for you, our team and our loved ones.  When visiting our salon you will notice we take care to consider physical distancing and if needed we ask visitors to wait outside.  We are sanitizing every salon cutting station and basin area between each client and surveying the health of every person who visits our salon.

If you are not well and you can not attend your appointment please let us know and we will move or cancel your appointment. We have never charged for cancelled appointments as we understand life happens. We just ask that you let us know of any changes as soon as you can so we can contact any guests we have on our waitlist.



*Dry, brittle, over processed hair?

*Yellow or brassy blonds?

*Roots noticeable after a week?

*Bored or uninspired with your style?

*Unsure what haircare or styling support you should be using?

*Lack time or feel rushed in the salon?

*Don’t feel special anymore?

All very common problems in a salon and not always easy to recognise and solve.

As hair & beauty professionals we use the same approach in our salon, and on your hair as we would expect on our own hair, with 100% care and professionalism.

We can provide you with answers to your problems because we have extensive experience and continual workplace education and training.

We’ll provide you with advice and suggestions to maintain and care for your sparkling new style.

We have a step by step consultation process to determine the finished result you desire and to double check there are going to be no nasty surprises during the process, like previous lightening, allergic reactions or the PROCESS of heavy metals on the hair.

We guarantee to only use clean, disinfected, safe, high quality equipment and products which will keep you and the staff safe not only from Covid-19 but from everyday bacteria and infections.


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